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Thursday, February 14, 2013

[] Jammat ban bill---banning Islamic party is against Islam and democracy: Jamaat is an opportunist party that uses Islam as it's mask !!!

Dear all

Jamaat is now trying to take advantage of Islam and democracy by
saying  "The issue of banning Islamic party is against Islam and democracy" !

Where was Jamaat's Islam and democracy in 1971 ....???

In reality, Jamaate Islami is not an Islamic party in the truest sense of
the word Islam.  It is a opportunist party that uses Islam as it's Mask 
and wears Islamic labasah to spread  it's propaganda for narrow 
parochial gains, and deceive the common faithful Muslims .....!!!!

If Jamaat was a real believer in Islam, it would have never condoned the 
attrocities committed by Pakistan army in one night : 
the nights 25th March, 1971, not to speak of it's collaboration with Yahia 
regime that perputrated  mass-rapes and genocides during 9 months of 
occupation in 1971..... Jamaat's crimes includes, crimes against Islam, in 
addition to it's crime  against humanity:

Jamaate Islami is the  Nazi party of Bangladesh !!!!
Golam Azam' is the Eichmann of Bangladesh .....
Golam Azam is the Gaddere Azam [ top national betrayer] of our time....
Jamaat  justified the occupation regime of  Yahia Khan, Golam Azam's 
1971-boss !
Golam Azam collaborated with a foreign occupation army .....
Jamaate Islami was that only Paki-collaborator political party that
it's own armed gestapo wing Al-Bodor bahini that was engaged in
murdering innocent people in the name of saving Pakistan and Islam ...

Golam Azam with his Jamaate Islami party vis-a-vis Islami Chattro 
Sangho cum Al-Bodor Bahini, not only betrayed our nation (emerging
Bangladesh),  but aided and abetted the Genocide & Mass-rapes 
committed by the Yahia Regime ....

Golam Azam was elected unopposed (1971 November) with the
blessings of General Aga Mohammad Yahia Khan ......

[But, as you know: man proposes Allah Subhana Wa Tala
disposes ,,,,, Gaddere Azam Golam Azam's dream never came
true.  Bangladesh emerged as an Independent Republic ......
Golam Azam created an organization named Purbo 
Pakistan Punoruddhar Committee. Golam Azam continued his 
idiotic & treacherous efforts to nullify & stop the recognition of 
Bangladesh [Bangladesh Na Monjoor ]. Again, that effort too became 
futile .......

In any case, Jamaat have apologized to the people of Bangladesh 
for it's misdeed and crime against our people in 1971 til today and 
very adament to justify it's opportunistic position of 1971.

Jamaat was a tragedy for our nation in 1971, this time Jamaate
will turn itself into a farce .... Jamaat's  dreams will again be futile ...

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From: lutful bari <>
Subject: [mukto-mona] FW: Jammat ban bill---banning Islamic party is against Islam and democracy.
Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013, 3:38 AM

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Dear Sirs,Assalamu Alaikum.
It has been reported that a bill will be tabled in Bangladesh Parliament to ban Jamaate Islami.As far as I know some Awami League leaders, Leftist leaders of Bangladesh and their supporters in Shah Bagh are demanding ban of Jammaat.
But why, Bangladesh constitution allows Islamic parties.Islamic parties are there in Europe, in the whole of Middle East and India .
If the point is that Jamaat has broken some transports during Hartal or their processions, then more transports were broken by Awami League and its allies during 1996 and 2006. BNP and other parties  also do these sometimes .But demand is not being  made to ban Awami League and BNP .Moreover everybody knows that these incidents happens in case of Jamaat when they are not allowed to function freely.
The issue of banning Islamic party is against Islam and democracy.
Shah Abdul Hannan


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TE IE NOTORlOUS JAMAAT LEADER GHOLAhl AZAM. Clearly Lhe most inlmous of the collabonr~ors ol he lernblc genocide in Bangladesh-- who has since ...


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