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Friday, February 8, 2013

[] .Emigrate to USA ...! Green Cards are free now

The most prominent Official Voice of USA, son of a White American mother and a Moslim Black African Ph. D. Student from Kenya, Barack Hussain Obama has legalized all illegals in USA, who arrived with their Parents or Relatives, when they were below age 18 and it seems, he is telling others seeking emigration to USA, ...
"Come one, come all by entering USA illegally ...! We would reward you with Green Cards for breaking US Laws".
For the last 2 weeks, instead of building an un-penetrateable Wall on US-Mexican Border because 90% of these people are from not too poor Mexico Per Capita Income $ 10,000+, the southern neighbor of USA; Obama is negotiating a full Asylum for 11 to 16 million people living illegally in USA with Opposition Party controlling National Assembly of USA called Congress.
This has caused tens of millions of Mexicans and other Latin American Countries plus people from all other countries to try to enter USA with or without Visa fast so, they can be counted in the List of Illegals to get Green Cards fast. A lot of Non Mexicans enter USA illegally through US-Mexican Border. For Example, just last year 600+ Pakistanis were caught entering USA, which means, about 6,000 succeeded by US Immigration Rangers on border normally catch 1/10th of illegals entering USA.
Mexico was told by USA in 1990's to stop issuing Visas to people of Poor Countries so, Pakistanis had found a different way to enter Mexico. The illegal Way. Since Dominican Republic was still issuing them Visas, they hand started landing on (not much patrolled by Coast Guards) Mexico's Shores through Boats of Dominican Smugglers.
Some Pakistanis, who could speak English have found Jobs paying $ 18,000 a year in Tourism Industry (Expensive Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants and Bars) of Dominican Republic also. Why?
Because the all Tourists are English Speaking (Americans and Canadians), while the Population speaks Spanish. Recently, competition in these jobs has increased and English Speaking Foreigners, who can speak Spanish also are preferred. The same is the situation in all not that poor countries south of US Border (Except for Mexico and English, French and Dutch Speaking Caribbean Countries or countries of West Indies).
Language of almost all countries south of USA is Spanish and they are Catholic Christians. Portuguese is spoken in Brazil and population of countries, where other languages are spoken is very small.
S U Turkman, USA.


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