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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Re: [] Sheikh Mujib's Unfinished Memoirs

People of Bangladesh  should need  to learn and understand what need to learn and what need to understand correctly and honestly.
they should know that the then situation has created Zia and people who do not understand this then situation and the background of this THEN situation which has made Zia's NAME  in the history of Bangladesh liberation are either stupid or nonsense understanding..

From: K A Ahmed <>
Sent: Sunday, 9 December 2012 9:58 PM
Subject: Re: [] Sheikh Mujib's Unfinished Memoirs

How many Seikh Mujib killed??JSD workers,25000??
JSD was a "FEROMEN TRAP" -the natural way of killing insects(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
JSD  was made by all AwamiLeague backed student Leaders(Sirajul Alam Khan,Rob,Shahjahan Siraj,Kazi Arif,Hasanul Haque Inu etc) those who were splitted and finally back to Awamileague umbrella.In between a grave reality of killing 25000 JSD worker is there.
Politics of killing has been initiated by Sheikh Mujib led AL and BAKSAL in a new country.
A country where blood  still not dried fully then  new blood shed? Is it acceptable?
Who are they  to whom we killed ,war-criminals,anti-liberation forces????????????????????????????????????? 
Ziaur Rahman fought for his country ,lead Z forces and he is not a average Army.
To stay in power you are pampering army and simultaneously  taking against army is really a double standard.
AL is  now  in that situation.
KHILAFAT MAJLISH is a part of MOHAJOTE.JAMAAT was there with them in 1996.

So it is a part of PSEPHOCRACY ???
You wrong headed guys have ever been heard about this PSEPHOCRACY??
First know about it and then talk.


On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 5:15 PM, Aziz M Mohsin <> wrote:
'The true is that Zia had no capacsity /position to declare the INDEPENDENCE OF A COUNTRY'
Shame on you Mr. Z.A for your blindly bak bak. The person like you is enough to organize a hazardous civil war on country.
Thanks and Best regards
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From: [] On Behalf Of fameelectronics
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2012 7:30
Subject: Re: [] Sheikh Mujib's Unfinished Memoirs

This is why we are dancing with Zia's name and rewarded him as SHAHID, those we call  ZIA a shahid, I am sure they do not know the meaning of the word. Nobody can deny the fact that Zia had killed so many innocent army officer and in return he had also been killed, so how, Zia should be called a "SHAHID " how funny  ????

This is Shame for us all. The so called Leader i.e Zia's followers is no better than the killer ZIA. In the name of politics they are doing a big business.
So, find way to come out. If we jointly try, we can bring about a change.
This is the time for do or die.


On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 4:36 AM, Debasish Barua <> wrote:
In the name of ISLAM..Zia committed many acts that will make many think as moslems are thought of in many Terrorist..his successors not any different ruth less..and that is how the moslems are
Story has it ZIA hanged Khaled Musharaff by his own hand could not find any one to do it..
People that ended Zia Zia is considered is that fervor to die for well people that had him disposed are as religious as any other as far as i know..of..Manjoor was also trained in..SARGODA..Pakistan..
He also disposed of Col tahir and disabled Freedom fighter..
He also had Major Jalil in Jail for many years..another freedom fighter..
Many that came to know him and his allies left eventually that including many of his political allies..
one that stood beside him is the AGA KHANI

From: Mir Khan <>
Sent: Saturday, December 1, 2012 11:05 AM
Subject: Re: [] Sheikh Mujib's Unfinished Memoirs
Correction;I meant Ziaur Rahman fought 1965 War against India.Not 1995.

--- On Thu, 11/29/12, Mir Khan <> wrote:

From: Mir Khan <>
Subject: Re: [] Sheikh Mujib's Unfinished Memoirs
Date: Thursday, November 29, 2012, 7:50 AM
To All.

We all have defeated mentality as Muslim.Muslim World still under colonial rule and ruled by puppets and agents.Who ever wants to break that rules vanishes from the earth.Zia of Bangladesh was an independent minded and was a good Muslim.He fought against Indian Army in 1995.He was an officer who was courageous enough to command his troops not staying behind but stay ahead of the troops towards enemy front line.
So was the situation during 1971.I was about 16 years old and was the supporter of united Pakistan.Still at our village we were collecting materials for democratic alliance forces to fight against Pakistani Army due to the leadership vaccuam in East pakistan.During those chaotic situation a simple Army Major Ziaur Rahman declared "We revolt".He was no Agent of India.Where as Many pro independence people including Mujibur Rahman confessed that they were the Agent of India since 1948 to break Pakistan.So on their own confession they should be tried and prosecuted as traitor.Those descendent of Traitors now demands that Bangladesh is their own personal property .Zia was a Patriot and was a Good Muslim with good Iman(believe).He was a Myrtyr(Shaheed).He was also Gazi.Unfortunately his immediate family and his political party BNP are not following Zia's legacy of patriotism and honesty.
Jamati's are opportunists but at present time if they opt to resistance against oppressors I shall feel optimist for a change towards good.
Peace to All.
Mir Dost Mohammad Khan
(Founding Ge.Secy.of JCD,Ctg.City)
A Denver resident,USA

--- On Tue, 11/27/12, fameelectronics <> wrote:

From: fameelectronics <>
Subject: Re: [] Sheikh Mujib's Unfinished Memoirs
Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 11:27 PM

Who will answer to all these ????

On one side, Zia's followers call him the PRO CLAIMER OF INDEPENDENCE  but on the otherside Pakistanis call him a true  MUSLEM  ...what for, is it for Proclamation  ??? who will answer.

The true is that Zia had no capacity /position to declare the INDEPENDENCE OF A COUNTRY.
AND one should  understand the truth. Those who goes for controversy regarding proclamation of independence, should know who can & can not, under what capacity one can proclaim....

We all know it well but do not admit  & agree with the fact.

This is shame for our nation and our leaders.


On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 1:00 AM, Debasish Barua <> wrote:
It is interesting Pakistanis find Zia to be great MOSLEM and AL some one who separated a Moslem Country..Well Zia fans cannot have it both way as it is claimed ZIA's Legacy is claim to fame of DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE OF BANGLADESH..well was that not separating Pakistan by a so called MOSLEM..
Well no wonder Zia, Subhash Bose speech are similar and written by a Pak army man ..tied to a Jew..

From: Isha Khan <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 12:37 AM
Subject: [] Sheikh Mujib's Unfinished Memoirs
Sheikh Mujib's Unfinished Memoirs

Hamid Mir

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is a villain for many Pakistanis. One sided history books tell us that Mujib was a traitor who broke Pakistan with the help of India. We read in our history books that All India Muslim League was formed in Dhaka in 1906 but, we don't know why the Pakistan Army surrendered to Indian Army on December 16, 1971, in Dhaka?

We tried to cover the black spots of our history with lies but the The Unfinished Memoirs of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman have negated all the official history books taught in our schools and colleges.

This autobiography reveals that the traitor Mujib was actually an active worker of Pakistan movement since his school days. He wrote the truth about himself in his memoirs. He never hid his role for the creation of Muslim League in his hometown Gopalganj in 1939.

He even accepted that at one point the Bengali leader Fazlul Haq refused to submit to the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1941. At this stage the Muslim League started a campaign against Fazlul Haq and Mujib was part of that campaign. He was with Jinnah, not with Fazlul Haq. He was among those young workers of the Muslim League who used to sell a Pro-Pakistan weekly newspaper Millat on the streets of Dhaka.

It is important to note that he wrote this book when he was imprisoned in Dhaka jail during a dictatorial regime under General Ayub Khan. He narrated some important events of the Pakistan movement very honestly. He also exposed the dishonesty of Viceroy Lord Mountbatten, whom, he wrote, was helping the congress party covertly in all sorts of ways against the Muslim League.

He was in the jail of a military dictator at that time but he never tried to please the Congress which was ruling India in those days.

This book is a first-hand account of politics in Pakistan from 1947 to 1955 which was full of intrigues and conspiracies. I think this book is a great source of history for the young generation of Pakistan. It tells us about the communal violence that broke out after the division of India in 1947. One day Sheikh Mujibur Rahman saw that hundreds of Hindus were attacking a Mosque. He cried out â€Å"Pakistan Zindabad� with some other young Muslims and started resisting the Hindu mob by throwing bricks.

Why then did this soldier of Muslim League leave the party of Muhammad Ali Jinnah immediately after the creation of Pakistan?

Young Sheikh Mujib was very disappointed when the then prime minister of Pakistan declared in the legislative assembly that people of East Pakistan must accept Urdu as their State language. Young Mujib came out on roads on March 11, 1948, against this declaration.

He was not opposing Pakistan. He was only defending his language which was his political right but he was arrested. Mujib was released on January 21, 1949. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was no more and Mujib left the Muslim League.

He joined the newly formed Awami Muslim League under the leadership of Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy. Within five years Awami League swept Muslim League from East Pakistan and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman won the election from Gopalganj in 1954, taking oath as the provincial minister for Agriculture.

The Muslim League government in centre never accepted its defeat and dismissed the United Front Government in Dhaka. Sheikh Mujib was again arrested.

His memoirs are unfinished but we must accept some historical realities as the ultimate truth in our own interest.

I will not quote any Bangladeshi or Indian writer to point out some historical realities. I will quote only Pakistani writers. When Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested in 1954, Army Chief General Ayub Khan was preparing his officers for a military coup. The first Chief of General Staff of Pakistan Army Sher Ali Patudi wrote in his autobiography that Ayub wanted to interfere in politics and had once stated to him: â€Å"The bloody politicians and civilians were useless, corrupt and inefficient.�

Legislative assembly asked GHQ to increase the recruitment of Bengalis in army. Patoudi tried to implement the orders of assembly but Ayub was not interested. When Mujib was writing his memoirs in jail, the former Chief Justice of Pakistan Muhammad Munir was the law minister of the Ayub regime.

He wrote a book From Jinnah to Zia in 1979 claiming that Ayub Khan had suggested that he should talk about separation with some influential Bengali leader. One day the Law Minister Munir spoke to a Bengali Minister Ramizudin. His reply was prompt and straight. He asked me whether I was suggesting secession. I said yes or something like confederation or more autonomy. Ramizudin said: â€Å"Look here we are the majority province, and it is for the minority province to secede because we are Pakistan.�

Why did Ayub dislike Bengalis? Because Bengalis supported Fatima Jinnah against Ayub in the presidential election in early 1965. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the chief polling agent of Fatima Jinnah in Dhaka.

The fact is that it was not Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who wanted to break Pakistan. He only demanded provincial autonomy in 50s and 60s, but our military regime tried to silence his voice by throwing him in jail. He never abandoned the political struggle and participated in the first general elections of Pakistan in 1970. Awami League emerged as a majority party but the military regime of General Yahya Khan refused the transfer of power to Awami League. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested and a military operation was started.

What happened in this operation? I will quote only few lines from the book A Stranger in My own Country by Major General(R) Khadim Hussain Raja who served in Dhaka between 1969 and 1971. He wrote that on March 10, 1971, Lieutenant General Niazi spoke to senior officers in operations room of Dhaka.

Niazi became abusive and started talking in Urdu. He said: â€Å"Main iss haramzadi qaum ki nasal badal donga. Yeh mujhey kia samajhtey hain?� He threatened that he would let his soldiers loose on their womenfolk. The next morning a Bengali officer Major Mushtaq went into the bathroom at the command headquarter and shot himself in the head.

I can quote more books by other Pakistani writers who accepted that our soldiers not only massacred Bengali Muslims in big number, but they also followed the orders of General Niazi and raped women. I will stop here.

I just want to say that the Unfinished Memoirs of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the historical evidence that Bengalis never broke Pakistan but they actually created Pakistan.

In fact political intrigues and blunders of military dictators broke Pakistan. We forced Bengalis to take arms in their hands to defend their women. It's time now to apologise officially from people of Bangladesh.

Remember that only brave people accept their mistakes. It's time to show some bravery by accepting our mistakes and apologising to Bangladeshis. Our apology will not weaken Pakistan but will strengthen Pakistan.

The writer is Executive Editor, Geo TV Pakistan. He read this paper in the launching ceremony of The Unfinished Memoirs held in Islamabad, November 21.

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Corporate Office:Road-4, House 4/1