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Sunday, January 20, 2013

[] Who is this Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury? [9 Attachments]

[Attachment(s) from William Gomes included below]

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is a fraudster who runs a a so called  news site The Weekly Blitz.On November 7th 2012, The Dhaka court sent Salauddin Shoaib Choudhury, editor of local English weekly Blitz to jail, in connection with an embezzlement case filed by his business partner Sajjad Hossain.

 Sajjad hossain said "I used to know Shoaib since his first arrest in 1998 but never met him. He came into more prominence after 2005, following the US Congress Resolution. By then, he became widely known for his so-called Israeli/Mossad connections. I was in active politics till November 2003 and, I was a student leader from late 70s to mid – 80s, so I had to remain busy or preoccupied with political activities, I did not have any time to get to know Shoaib".
1. On March 7, one of my Facebook friends posted a link (Blitz Web Site) on my FB Page and requested me to see the news item published in that site. I visited Blitz site for the first time and found the article. It was all about the character assassination of a person who happened to be one of my best friends.

2. After seeing that article, I started looking for him for a talk. After some hectic moves, I finally managed to get hold of him on 15 March, 2012, with the help of my junior friend M. Inspector General of Police (Special Branch). I met Shoaib at the office of the DIG on the same day (15 March) at 7:30 PM. During the meeting I charged him for writing false and fabricated news item about my friend Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan. He did not defend his act, rather he made a total submission before me, apologized for the news and prayed for taking me as his elder brother. Honestly speaking, I was impressed by his gestures. I always believe that if any person confesses or admits his guilt/mistakes, he is an honest man. But I was wrong, later it was proved.
3. I introduced Shoaib to my friend on 18 March, 2012 and there….he broke all the records of flattery. He started buttering me and my friend from the day 1. Since my place is far away from my friend's home and office, I used to visit him hardly once in a week. Shoaib lived nearer to his place and he made full use of that territorial advantage by visiting my friend frequently. On 22 March, 2012, Shoaib received Taka (BD currency) 15 lacs in cash from my friend. (USD 1 = Taka 82).
4. Shoaib would tell my friend during meetings that he would give up blackmailing people and would go for legal business if he gets the funding. My friend Colonel (retired) Shahid asked him to submit specific or concrete proposal for business. Interestingly, all these business talks would take place in my absence. My friend is a very straight forward and emotional person and Shoaib was successful in prevailing upon his mindset. By now, he took another 8 lac Taka in cash as 'loan'.
5. Shoaib submitted proposal for a business "package" to Colonel (R) Shahid in the first week of April, 2012 which included; i) publication of one Bangla Weekly.  ii) publication of one English Weekly named "Front Line" & iii) import of edible oil from China. He requested for Taka 5 crore (50 million), 2o million for the Weeklies and rest 30 millions for import business. My friend set a precondition of obtaining my approval for the "Project". Shoaib came to me with the draft and on that day, I came to know about his business venture. Shoaib showed awesome profit and his paper work was perfect. Later, in the 2nd week of April, my friend asked Shoaib to drop the publication part (for the time being) and explore the Edible Oil business. He agreed to give Taka 30 million for import business, but he told Shoaib that he would give the money to me. He further asked Shoaib to launch a new company with me and Shoaib's wife as the Joint Partner. Shoaib launched a new company within no time, as per the suggestion of my friend. The name of the company was "Shine Trade". It was decided that Shoaib would authorize his import license to "Shine Trade" for importing Edible Oil from China, profit sharing ratio would be 50:50 (50% me, 50% he and his wife), Colonel (R) Shahid would not demand any share of profit as because he wanted to promote me financially. It was agreed upon that the fund would be given in the first week of June.
6. In mid-April, Shoaib told my friend that he needed the fund urgently because the oil price would go up in China by the month of May. He came with a fresh proposal of importing just five container (each container = 20 Metric Ton) on experimental basis which would fetch us a profit of Taka 1 million. For this, he told him to get him USD 1 hundred thousand for opening Letter of Credit (LC). My friend agreed.
7. On May 3, Colonel (R) Shahid gave me a cheque of Taka 70 lacs. On May 6, I went to Bank (BRAC Bank) along with Shoaib and his wife Shahnaz, and opened a Savings Account for "Shine Trade" by depositing the cheque.
8. On 8 May, he came to my home in the evening with huge amount of seasonal fruits. He informed me that transferring or authorizing  his Import License to Shine Trade would be delayed due to some legal barriers. He also told me that he wanted to open the LC immediately otherwise profit margin would be decreased due to the rise of the price at supplier's end. He wanted to import the oil with his Import License (issued for Jethro Conglomerate). I did not smell anything wrong in this proposal.
9. On May 9, I went to Bank and made the necessity arrangement for transferring 69 lacs to Shoaib's account, one lac was left in the account.
10. On 14 May, Shoaib left for North Korea (he was supposed to go to China from there). He returned on May 30, visited me on June 4 just for a few minute but did not talk any business and that was my last physical interaction with him. On that day, he brought a black person with him and introduced him as the "Special Agent" of CIA. On that day, I started smelling rat because CIA operatives are not exposed in that manner. I worked with CIA during my engagement in Counter Terrorism Program in Bangladesh. I could guess that he was a fake CIA (he was introduced as David) and my suspicion started building up.
11. Shoaib totally cut off all the communication with me, stopped attending my calls and was testing my brinksmanship from June 5, but I waited patiently.
12. I sent him an email on Sept 7, threatening him of dire consequences for cheating me. He replied instantly and said that he would not misappropriate my money and would return that in May 2013 with profit. I sent another mail on Sept 8 rejecting his proposal and set an ultimatum (15 Oct 2012) for returning my money. He replied to my second mail on Sept 10 and accepted my ultimatum. By then I decided to launch "attack" on him and as a part of that, I held Press Conference at National Press Club on Sept 13 and unveiled him before the Media. On Sept 14, I left for Los Angeles and the Legal Notice followed my departure.
13. I returned home on Oct 11 and filed the Criminal Case on Oct 21. The learned Court took the cognizance of the allegations and instructed the local Police Station to take the drastic measure. Local Police filed another Case on Oct 29 and, he was finally arrested on Nov 7. His arrest was being delayed because he was getting protection from our apex intelligence outfit DGFI (Directorate General of the Forces Intelligence). I had to neutralize DGFI using my previous interaction with the organization to get him arrested.
14. Shoaib arrest news was like the "Hot Cake" to our vibrant Media World and no individual had got that much coverage, except Osama-Bin-Laden.
15. His lawyers tried at least 7 times for bail, but failed.
16. On Dec 9, Shoaib tender unconditional apology to me through his lawyers and brother and prayed for his release on bail. He promised me to pay my entire amount within one month of his release. He also said that he wants to make all these commitments before the Court by giving undertakings. I am receiving his prayers everyday. I asked him to make concrete commitment for paying back Brenda and Batzi and he agreed to pay within 3 months after his release. But I did not believe any of his words. He is in jail and expecting me to show him mercy.

Attachment(s) from William Gomes

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