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Friday, January 11, 2013

[] Bangladesh ICT: Abuse & Violation of Constitution, Law, Due Process, Justice & Human Rights; Conspiracy & Travesty of Justice; Retrial Debate (Links to all sources)

Initiated by The Economist, the global media have now kindly exposed the myth behind the so called free, fair, just, transparent, international standard & not politically motivated trial as shamelessly claimed by the government and all its political and ideological agencies, allies and cohorts. Otherwise, we would have remained in darkness and the nation would have been seriously affected by the ill-political design of the current fascist cheating government. We respectfully urge the global media and human rights organizations to thoroughly investigate and reveal the whole episode as they unearth the truth. We also believe that all those who are involved in the criminal conspiracies and abuse of legal & judicial process for their ill-motif political agenda to exterminate the opposition should be brought to justice immediately. As these farcical Tribunals' abuse of law, power, due process, their violation of constitutional obligations, defying human rights and their blatant criminal conduct triggering miscarriage of justice have been exposed to the world community whereby they have lost trust, confidence, professional integrity and legitimacy, they should be immediately dissolved, their proceedings should be immediately declared null and void and the perpetrators brought to justice. We strongly demand formation of an International Tribunal under the auspices and scrutiny of a competent international organization like the United Nations where the entire process should resume ab initio for the trial of the heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during our glorious war of independence in 1971. The trial should be conducted following the precedents of other international war crimes tribunals under and in accordance with the well-established and recognized international law relating to war crimes and crimes against humanity.
The current Tribunals should be dissolved, all so far conducted proceedings null and void; All trials should be resumed ab initio under a newly constituted International Tribunal: (The Trial Observer: Independent, objective coverage of trial proceedings at the International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh, a joint effort of the Berkeley War Crimes Studies Center and the East-West Center.) (Latest update on Proceedings, Comments, Analysis and News) (Hearing on retrial submission – The daily Star),0(Resignation of a key judge, the disappearance of a vital witness, and allegations of political meddling have all cast doubts on the impartiality of the proceedings – Foreign Policy Journal, by Joseph Allchin) War-Crime Tribunal Bogs Down; Government Under Fire for Alleged Interference in Process – Wall Street Journal, by Tom Wright) (A sham trial and raking up the past - Aijaz Zaka Syed in Gulf News) (A trial to deny justice - Dr. Ali Al-Ghamdi in Saudi Gazette) (Bangladesh: Retrial Needed in Sayedee Case - Human Rights Watch) (Bangladesh: Calls for war crimes trial to be halted - BBC) (Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal Faces Turmoil - Wall Street Journal) (Mockery of justice in Bangladesh - ARAB NEWS). (David Bergman: It is not for the govt. to decide to continue as as opposed to fresh retrial. That itself is a proof of govt. interference.) Abdur Razzaq interviewed by BBC).
CONSPIRACY & COORDINATION (between Tribunal, Prosecution, Govt, its Political Allies & Campaigners) EXPOSED: (Justice Zaheer resigned from ICT-1 under direct political pressure from the Law Minister) (Ahmed Ziauddin's role & influence in tribunal, prosecution and govt.)
TRIBUNAL's / JUDICIAL  INJUNCTION against publishing the SCANDALOUS COMMUNICATIONS: (High Court rule against the daily Amar Desh).
GOVERNMENT's reaction / beats the same drum: All are targeted at foiling the trial of war criminals and to save them. (Govt. urges international community not to favor war criminals) (Govt. rejects plea for fresh trial. Trial resumes from where it stops : Sate Minister for Law, Quamrul says) (Tribunal 1: Hackers have prevented the proceedings so should be identified and punished) (Attorney General: Hacking is purported to stop the trial). (Attorney General: No fresh trial required). Minister for Law: Demand for fresh trial is baseless and absurd). Minister interviewed by BBC: Resignation will not affect the trial). (The new Chairman will give judgment in Sayedee case). (Special Tribunal for cyber crimes mulled). (Foreign Minister: The trial process will not be impacted). (Pro-govt. Alliance vows to be on the street until the trial is completed). (Govt. sponsors new Islamic party to counter Jamaat). (Tribunal Chairman's resignation proves Govt's transparency - Suranjit).
Tribunal Chairman Resigns: resignation not enough, all involved should be brought to justice.
Resignation & Punishment Demanded for Skype Scandal:
The Economist's Brief Report after the Tribunal's Rule Against The Economist:
The Telegraph on the Tribunal's Ruling Against The Economist:
The ABC News on the Tribunal's Rule against The Economist:
The daily Amar Desh report (Bangla) on the Tribunal's Rule Against The Economist:
The daily Prothom Alo report (Bangla) on the Tribunal's Rule and The Economist report:
The daily Ittefaq on Skype Scandal:
SKYPE DIALOGUE (Bangla, audio):বিচারপতির স্কাইপি সংলাপ: 'ড. কামাল ক্রিমিনাল বোঝে নাআমীর উল গ্যানজাম করে ওয়ালিউর চোর':
Skype Dialogues (Bangla) daily Amar Desh reported:
Skype Dialogues (Bangla) RTNN reported:
ট্রাইবুনাল সম্পর্কে দালাল আইনের "চীফ প্রসিকিউটর" এর মন্তব্য:
Farhad Mazhar, Poet & Columnist: Judgment of death sentence for promotion:
A TV talk show by Dr. Pias Karim, a political analyst, on the Skype dialog:
Prof. Dr. Mahfuz Ullah of Dhaka University comments on the Skype Scandal:
Bangladesh Bar Council Vice Chairman: Nizamul Huq has no right to remain in the Tribunal and Judiciary even for a minute:
The Daily Naya Diganta: Such Scandal has never happened in the history of judiciary:
The daily Jugantor: Controversy around the Tribunal:
The daily Naya Diganta (report in Bangla): It has been proven a farcical trial, say senior lawyers of Bangladesh:
Muktijoddha Parishad: The patriot freedom fighters will not tolerate any mockery in the name of trial:
Tariqul Islam (BNP Leader): The Tribunal Chairman has lost his morality and integrity:
Major General (Retired) Syed Ibrahim Bir Proteek:  Sabotage in the Judiciary:
Other (related to the War Crimes Tribunal):
Journalist David Bergman on Prosecution Witnesses in Safe House and the Whole Episode of Drama:
Journalist David Bergman on the Abduction of Witness by the Government Authorities from the Tribunal Premises:
Journalist David Bergman on Evidence of Abduction of Witness:
Journalist David Bergman's interview of the Wife of the Abducted Witness:
Journalist David Bergman on Arbitrarily Limiting the Defense Witnesses:
Bongobir Kader Siddiqi (Bangla article) on Ziad Al Malum (a leading Prosecutor at the Tribunal) Dr. M. A. Hassan of Facts Finding Committee – the daily Amar Desh:


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