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Monday, November 19, 2012

[] US Mistakes that created Hate in Moslims

1, It all started in 1951 win of a Socialist Prime Minister Mosadek in Iran. He nationalized Oil Wells of British and Dutch Companies. Shah of Iran fled fearing Dutch-British Invasion but USA refused to help and Europeans lost their Oil Wells in Iran for good. CIA paid Ayatollah Khomeini's Group to get Mosadek assassinated since he was a CIA Agent just like Molana MoDoodi of Pakistan. .
2. US Policies seemed Anti European in those days. France and Great Britain Bombed Egypt, when Socialist Gamal Naser had nationalized Suez Canal in 1956 seeking US help and USA refused again.
3. Then in 1960, USA told all Arabs to nationalize Oil Wells of Europeans to make them rich and this is why Iranians, all Arabs and Moslims still hate USA so much and would keep doing so until they are nuked to end their misery. 
OTHER  USA's  GRAVE   MISTAKES   that   caused   so   much   hate   in   Moslims  :
1. Freeing Moslims of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei along with China, Korea, Western Russia, other countries of Indo China up to India and East Indies in 1945 by dropping 2 small Atomic Bombs on Japan.
2. Freeing Philippines from Japan, where some more Moslims lived.
3. Stopping the killing of Moslims of Yugoslavia by bombing Christians of Serbia in 1994.
4. Creation of countries called Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo for Moslims.
5. Not letting India end Pakistan in 1965, 1971, 1998 and 2002. 
6. Freeing Kuwait from Saddam.
7. Freeing Afghans from Pakistanis called Taliban and Pak Military disguised as Taliban.
8. Freeing Iraqi Arab Shiya and Sunni Kurds and Turkman from cruel 12% of Iraq's population, the Soonni Arab's Rule.
9. Granting Immigration to 2 million Moslims and giving them same rights as US Born Americans.
10. Voting son of a Black African Moslim's son 'Obama' for President.
11. Giving Charity of Aid and Loans to all poor Moslim Countries just like all other poor countries every year for the last half century.
You see, now you know all the cruel Savage reasons, why Moslims want to destroy USA. Allaho Akbar ...!


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