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Thursday, November 29, 2012

[] Problem Of Junk Files In Computers

Hi and As Salaam O Alaikum,

On request of many people, I drafted the same email which I sent yesterday in Roman Urdu, in English today. Please keep sending me your replies after reading the article and keep asking me the questions about the things which you want to learn about. In the future, I will explain more about networking, facebook, windows tips and tricks and also about Android Mobiles and apps.. WHAT I NEED IS JUST A REPLY OR A FEEDBACK FROM YOU GUYS J


temp file

Problems in computer can occur because of many reasons but one of the major reason can be because of the Junk Files, which plays a major role in the problematic situations. You would have heard a lot about it, like you should delete these files and they creates lot of problems and takes lot of space in hard disk. But beside all these things, you all would not be knowing much about it which you should know.


If you want to solve a problem, first you have to understand the reason and have to know that why it's happening. So in this post and in the next posts we will discuss about the Temporary files, Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History and Cache Files that what these are, What are the differences, What these files do and how to treat these files.

What They Do

These Junk Files are created in your computer automatically. The types of Junk Files are as follows
1. Temporary Files
2. Temporary Internet Files
3. Cache Files
4. Cookies

Junk Files are created by the softwares installed in your computer, Internet Browsers or by Computer System itself. There can be many reasons to it. Sometimes these junk files are created by the system to have a backup of the files, it can be to speed up the internet process or many times these are created because of computer problems


These junk files consumes space in your hard disk and after some time makes your computer to perform slow. There are some advantages of these files but mainly are disadvantages.

The Real Fact

The real problem with these files are that if we don't deal with Temporary Internet Files, Cache or Cookies on time, then the internet websites takes the information saved in these files and track all of your records like which websites you visited, how much time you spend on internet and things like that. And then after taking all the information they use it for marketing purposes and for spamming.


All of your information get saved in these files whenever you fills a form on internet or do an activity similar to it. After filing such forms, the data remains saved in your computer and these websites fetch the data from your computer secretly and use it for their own purpose.


Oh My….So What i should do…

There is no need to worry because when you want to solve a problem, first you have to understand it. That's what this article is for. We will discuss the types of junk files one by one and then how to solve the problems related to it.


Temporary Files

People think that Temporary Files and Temporary Internet Files are the same, which is not the case. Temporary Files are created by the softwares and Temporary Internet Files are created by your Internet Browser. Temporary Files are also known as TEMP files because the extension of the Temporary Files are TEMP. 

These temporary files are created automatically in your computer and should be removed from your computer automatically as well. The softwares which generates the Temp Files should remove those files also as soon you close that software. For example, if you open Ms-Word and works on a document then you will see that Ms-word has created a temp file as well just for backup purpose. When you close Ms-Word, the temp file will also be removed automatically. But not all softwares follows the same procedure. It can be because of bad software that creates temp files or because of improper shutdown, System crashes or hanging problems, that these temp files remains in your system and starts creating the problems.

Last Words

In the next post i will explain the concept of Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and Cache that how it's created and why, And after all that we will discuss on the softwares which solves all these problems. SO stay in touch

Don't Forget to send me your replies / Feedback, which is very necessary.

Waiting for your replies. Till then take care.. ALLAH hafiz

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