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Monday, October 29, 2012

[] What will the two Zionist agents do now? The storm is messing up the Israeli agenda.

During this critical moments let us pray for the safety of all human beings living in that area because all those people are not Romney or Obama they are just human being like us created by Master Creator Allah (swt)so cursing all of them are not fair. They are ruling the entire world because we fails to follow a complete and marvelous guidance book "Quran" and closed our mind and lost the way Allah (swt) shown to us how to rule this world so instead of accepting our faults why you are blaming them.

"0 ye dwellers of the earth, God is that Almighty Who has made you His assistant and viceregent on the earth (that you take His administration and management in your hand and He hath raised one people many stages over the others so that He may test, in this struggle for survival your capabilities and potential with which He endued you. Remember that if you did not acquit yourselves in this test and lagged behind, certainly God is quick in punishment: And if, on the basis of your efforts, you surpassed others, then there is no doubt that He is Oft-Forgiving and Most Merciful." (6: 166)

Please also read the following article.

In spite of the difficulties which arise from the brevity with which the Quran enunciates the Divine Law and insufficiency of one's own knowledge, its framework is so obvious to men of understanding that it is impossible for such a brief book to be clearer and more thorough. Apparently it is an extremely terse document but it claims to have stated everything. Complexity is inevitable in conciseness, but the Revealer of the Quran has pronounced it to be couched in extremely simple language (yassarna hu belisaneka). For centuries have the people been piling up commentaries to explain what the Quran means, but it insists on being an open and manifest book (Al-Kitabil Mubin). Scholars of Shariah consider each of its verses incomprehensible without long explanatory notes but its own pronouncement is of being an exhaustive book, an explanation of everything (al-Kitabul Mufassalan). The present-day Maulvis consider it a sin to reason what wisdom and knowledge it embodies, but its own invitation is to ponder and reflect (Afla Yatadabbarun).The admirers of Tradition do not accept a single verse to be independent of the voluminous collections of Hadith but its own pronouncement is that it is adequate, contains full programme and nothing after it is needed by those who believe, and the verdict of one of its greatest admirers (Hazrat Umar) was that enough is God's Book. The linguists tag it to the rules of grammar but those who understood and acted upon it for two hundred years did it without the aid of grammar. The Islamic world has for long been applauding its literary beauties and linguistic charm but its own declaration is that it is not a poetry; "Bring a wisdom like unto this" is what it challenges. its 'upholders' for the last centuries have been mostly those who were by and large ignorant of the Work of God; who had no knowledge of nature, and were averse to what is matter of fact, but the Ouran has invariably addressed itself to peoples who possess knowledge and have faith. Its enemies are vociferous—and admirers saying in a somewhat subdued voice--that the Quran is devoid of harmony, but it has refuted the allegations by saying Aalazina ja alul Quraana idhina. In short, notwithstanding diverse claims of its admirers, what emerges after its deep and continuous study is that  it is an extremely profound and COMPREHENSIVE document; there exists in it full and final programme of man's collective progress; it has fully provided for DEEP REFLECTION and utmost contemplation. Within itself, it is COMPLETE; it does not stand in need of volumes of human conjectures and opinion-mongering; it is its own true EXPLANATION; it is independent of all man-made and changeable grammar, and has an unalterable syntax of its own; its own terminology is enough to express its conceptions and ideas, for them it certainly needs no outside help. Its legal terms and constitutional references have been stated in its own context with such perfection and precision, certitude and correctness, that not the slightest doubt arises in the interpretation of any part of it. There is such an amazing CONSISTENCY in the exactness of each word's meaning -- and God's intention in the use of that word -- that it has the same objective from the start to the end; no amount of consensus, twisting or distortion can alter what is intended by the word. Each verse has only one meaning; only one course is possible in its context; it has only one purpose, one verdict and one intention, one context and one theme. It is on this basis that the Quran is completely free from the ugly human defect of contradiction or redundancy. Where verses are suspected of contradiction or give an indication of repetition or inconsistency, there has occurred some drawback in divining their true meanings; some inadequacy has taken place, some defect has certainly occurred. In fact, the Quran itself sometimes puts two apparently contradictory or synonymous statements close to each other in the same text and in the course of the same argument, and by giving a kick to the slow-paced steed of man's imagination provides a spontaneous proof of there being no contradiction or repetition. It is CONCISE, but this conciseness is the direct proof of the AUTHENTICITY and UNITY of what it means. It is a LAW book, but the very fact of its being Law provides an irrefutable evidence of its HARMONY, oneness of the meaning and consistency of the objective. Where it appears disjointed there must have occured some confusion in understanding it; some improper twisting might have taken place; somewhere grammer has played the havoc, some influence of a false Hadith has lingered on, customs and traditions have concealed something, ignorance has caused some confusion, conjecture has played some mischief, foolishness has made some inroads. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with the two pieces occurring together; paucity of knowledge and absence of the intervening links of the argument in the reader's mind make it appear disjointed. When the inner meaning of things uncovers the connection of one reality with the other, the link is automatically established.(Late Mashriqi)

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Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 11:53 PM
Subject: [issuesonline_worldwide] What will the two Zionist agents do now? The storm is messing up the Israeli agenda.

Holland tunnel has been closed, flights cancelled, 350,000 evacuated from
Brooklyn. Just a coincidence?
Please respond before my lights go out. [They're blinking!]

Is it sheer coincidence that this monster storm is coming in so close to
elections and is targeting the centers of Jewish-Zionist power? This may
not be punishment, because punishment from Allah would wipe out everything.
It could be t...
hat one of the angels got permission to show Allah's power to Obama and
Romney! Obama's homosexual marriage endorsement and Romney joining him to
endorse drone strikes which have killed thousands of unarmed people in
Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia etc seem to be calling out for Allah's punishment.
Behind all that is the total support for Israel by tweedledum [Obama] and
tweedledee [Romney]. A terrorist entity is getting America's resources.
After this disaster, the two Zionist agents will have to spend their
resources here. A 9.11 by "natural" means?

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