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Friday, October 5, 2012

[] Re:To all my Buddhist brothers and sisters

Dear dina khan and Neyamath ullah Sikdar,

I am also endorsing my viewpoint with you regarding this untoward incidents in Ramu. But here you cannot blame the Muslim community as a whole. What I think the matter arises when Rohinga community driven out from Myanmar in retaliation of which those Rohingas attacked the Buddist Community in Ramu. These Rohingas were wrong as they should not select our peaceful land to fulfill their nasty feelings of revenge and ego against the Buddhist community with such heinous activities especially with the Buddhist community with whom we are living in peace and harmony for years together 

Dr. Siraj Uddowllah. <>      



From: dina khan

The people who are Muslims followers of Islam should must know that Islam is the religion of Almighty Allah for justice of peace and humanity to loving all to do good for all people and not to do any harm to any So it must be a great slogan  for all Muslims we are Muslims to do for good for all people  not  to harm to any body> Because all are  creation of  Almighty Allah.

Everyday 5 times Salath at 17 rakath we read 17 times : " E-Aa kanabudu Owa E.Aa  Kanas taien. Ehedina Sirathal mustakim. 

We worship only One God seek His Mercy and ask His help to lead our  life in the Right way to do right jobs not to do wrong being misguide by devil.




From: Neyamath ullah Sikdar <>
To: "" <>; siraj uddowllah <> 
Sent: Thursday, 4 October 2012 7:34 AM
Subject: Fw: [] To all my Buddhist brothers and sisters


Hello Miro Jangi Sir,

I read your message. Its really very sorrowful matter that,After that situation ... Reputation of MUSOL-MAN is going to decreasing. We MUSLIM are already known as TERRORIST in all over the world . There was a movie, MY NAME IS KHAN where says that "WE ARE MUSLIM.... AND WE ARE NOT A TERRORIST!"...  May be the day will come as soon as possible that, We will take a BANNER and there will be write down ""WE ARE MUSLIM.... AND WE ARE NOT A TERRORIST!""..

By the way sir, Please dont mind.. I am going to Copy-Paste your MESSAGE on my FACEBOOK STATUS... 


Mr. Neyam


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From: Miro Jangi <>
To: Miro Jangi <>; baba <>; Chottala <>; alapon <>; khabor Moderator <> 
Sent: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 7:31 PM
Subject: [] To all my Buddhist brothers and sisters



I was shocked, speechless and then ashamed by the news of attacks on our own Buddhist brothers and sisters and their temples in Bangladesh. It was barbaric and shameful acts and nothing can justify violence like this in a civil society. I would like to say sorry to all my Buddhist brothers and sisters on behalf of entire Bangladesh. I am from Chittagong and I have many Buddhist friends who are like my own family members. I don’t remember single incidents between Muslims and Buddhist ever taking place growing up there.

Please know that the entire nation of Bangladesh is saddened and in state of shock and embarrassed by these attacks by the fanatics. We cannot or will not allow Bangladesh to become an Afghanistan or Pakistan. We cannot let them win by getting intimidated. Let’s beat theses fanatics and intolerant people by forging even stronger ties amongst us. We have to make sure these tragedies never happen again. I demand and pray that all instigators of these heinous crimes will be brought to justice soon. Last but not least we love you and we are all in pain together. May God bless us all.



Miro Jangi


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